Primitivo - Puglia IGT

P r i m i t i v o - P u g l i a I G T


The production of Puglia IGT wines is mainly based on numerous indigenous and international vines and is one of the most valuable and appreciated wine-growing areas of the Apulia region and of Italy.

Geographical area

The King is Montepulciano, an emblem of Apulian viticulture on whose origin there are controversial theories. Today it has been established that the birthplace is Croatia and then from here it arrived in Apulia where it is the only region in which this vine is cultivated exclusively; in the rest of the world it has had enormous success in the USA and especially in California where it is wide spread and cultivated under the name of Zinfandel. Primitivo is a grape that ripens early and it is one of its characteristics that can be traced back to the origin of its name.


The climate is hot and dry with large plains that slope towards the sea with unique and suitable soils that allow the very dark coloured grapes to obtain deep, complex, and intense wines that continue to gain more and more success both at home and internationally, having now reached an export share equal to 70%, its success is continuously growing in Northern Europe.

Wine suppliers

The reliability of suppliers is fundamental for Danese to guarantee the quality and pleasantness of our wines. We are looking for partners who have shared values and projects and who operate according to agreed quality standards. Suppliers are selected according to criteria of competence, product quality, certifications, operational continuity, respecting the environment and safety standards.



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