Cantina Danese

Efficiency and Service

We believe that Italian wine is the authentic symbol of Italian style, gathering the pleasure and joy of being together and leaving aside exclusivity.

We believe that the delight and pleasantness of wine cannot be the privilege of only a few because wine is the aggregation and joy of being together.

“What’s better than a bottle of wine to be together and feel in Italy?”

Our Story

W i n e i s f o r e v e r y o n e


O u r j o b

Our job is to be true interpreters of the Italian territory and its excellence and to select quality wines. We want to bring Italy sealed in a bottle to all the tables in the world.

Equipping ourselves with the best technologies allows us to optimise production processes and keep an eye on the future with the traceability of the entire supply chain and the strict controls of international certifications in the name of safety and quality for collaborators, customers and our customer’s clients.

We have historical relationships with producer partners scattered throughout the peninsula and with them we can boast many of the main Italian denominations. A very wide range of proposals and the skills necessary to support the work of retailers results in a streamlined purchase process.

Our services for Large Retail Chains​

Large Retail Chains


T h e D a n e s e M e t h o d



Due to our knowledge of the world of wine, we are able to share objectives with our customers, and the methods needed in which to pursue them. We offer services and valuable products for modern distribution

Personalised and high value service

Our team is specialised in prompt response and listening to customers. With no complaints, a personalised and high value service is created to increase our customers’ margins and turnover



The best Italian wines selection

We select the best Italian wines with the understanding of the potential of territories and markets. We support and give answers to our customers by helping them with vast bottle formats and assortment.


Your packaging or a captivating packaging combines Italian style and pleasantness to guarantee recognition and reordering.



H i s t o r y

With more than 50 years of experience and history we are proud to bring Italian wine to tables all over the world, an emblem of the pleasure and joy of being together.


The Birth

Danese Winery was born. Dedicated to the marketing of bulk wine and demijohns in the taverns of Northern Italy

Cantina Danese S.r.l.

Danese Winery became a limited company; it passes from demijohns to returnable wine



New Bottling Plant

New factory and the Winery enters into the Eastern European markets; new bottling plant

Off Premise Retailers

Corporate reorganisation and orientation to the Off Premise Retailers



International Certifications

The start of the Private Label service and BRC and IFS international certifications

New Bottling Plant

New bottling plant with a production potential of 40/50 million bottles.







40-50 mln






V a l u e s


We believe in long-lasting relationships, each of our activities aims to gain the trust of all those who work with us: colleagues, suppliers, customers and our customer’s clients.


We have a great team made up of ourselves, our suppliers, and of course our customers. This is because of our common goal: to represent Italy in a single bottle and make it available to everyone


Listening to the customer to understand their needs is our daily commitment: we offer a personalised service from the design to the implementation to increase the margin and turnover of our customers. For us, innovating is therefore combining our skills with the needs of our customers.


We contribute to the business growth of our partners by responding to quality standard guarantees, service content, safety, supply chain controls and production flexibility. The protection of the health and safety of our collaborators are fundamental and respect for the environment throughout the supply chain is the focus of our work.

" T h e w i n e i s b o t t l e d p o e t r y "

Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
Cantina Danese

A s s o r t m e n t o f w i n e s a n d f o r m a t s , r e s p o n s e s p e e d a n d g r e a t p r o d u c t i o n f l e x i b i l i t y

W h y p a r t n e r w i t h D a n e s e ?

We care about your customer

we make the wines that they like for you.

Totally customised service

supply, design, packaging and security stock.

Flexibility and production potential

with state-of-the-art systems.

Integrated supply chain

of the most suitable areas of Italy.

Main wines

with Italian appellation.


O u r C e r t i f i c a t i o n s


O u r A w a r d s