Lessini Durello DOC

L e s s i n i D u r e l l o D O C


Lessini Durello DOC is a recent denomination created in 2009 following the will of the producers to enhance the peculiarities of this wine. The production area is in Veneto and extends along the hills of the Lessini Mountains that surround the neighbouring provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

Geographical area

The combination of climatic characteristics gives the Durella variety a strongly basaltic soil, the main indigenous variety of the Lessini Durello DOC with the addition of Chardonnay, Garganega, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero. Thanks to their high acidity lends themselves naturally to being sparkling.


It is a wine of great impact that is noted and appreciated for its fine and persistent froth and its straw yellow color and which give it its distinctive features of vivacity, freshness and olfactory finesse. Thanks to these versatile characteristics, Lessini Durello DOC is a versatile wine that goes well with light aperitifs but also with more demanding dishes.

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