Sicilia DOC

S i c i l i a D O C


Sicily is one of the regions where the cultivation of the vine was established only recently in 2011.

We are therefore talking about a young appellation that boasts deep and ancient roots and which wants to tell the story of wine and the indigenous varieties of what is called the island of the sun.

Geographical area

There are numerous writings and finds that show how the vine and wine have gone through numerous eras and events starting even before the Romans, passing to the Muslim dominion, to that of the Spaniards and arriving at the Bourbons.


The modern history of wine sees Sicily as the undisputed protagonist in producing both excellent white and red wines with native vines such as Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia and Nero d’Avola and international vines.

As a demonstration of how the wines of this appellation are achieving ever greater success not only in Italy but throughout the world, approximately 100 million bottles of Sicily DOC are produced , more than 75% of these go abroad, especially to Germany, and the UK.

Wine suppliers

The reliability of suppliers is fundamental for Danese to guarantee the quality and pleasantness of our wines. We are looking for partners who have shared values and projects and who operate according to agreed quality standards. Suppliers are selected according to criteria of competence, product quality, certifications, operational continuity, respecting the environment and safety standards.



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