Garda DOC

G a r d a D O C


The production area of Garda DOC wines includes the southern shores of the largest Italian lake, Lake Garda, which extends over three regions, Trentino-Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto.


It is a unique area protected from cold currents by Monte Baldo in the lower part of the lake which is the heart of the Garda DOC production area. The cultivation of vines along the shores of Lake Garda dates back to prehistoric times, however it is not known when or who introduced it into the territory, although there are numerous testimonies that certify that Garda wine was well known and was on the tables of ancient Romans in the 1st century.


The production area of Garda DOC is an environment reminiscent of the Mediterranean: mild climate, with unique colours and scents with sloping lands on the hills of Lake Garda exposed to the sun, which are crucial for the qualities of both native and international grapes. The Garda DOC wine obtained the recognition of the Controlled Designation of Origin on 8th October 1996.


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