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S o a v e D O C


It is certain that Soave wines have been known and appreciated since ancient times as there are numerous ancient writings that testify to it and define it as being a white wine of unmistakable pleasantness. The origin of the name Soave is curious: there are many theories about its origin but the most reliable is that it derives from Suaves, the name of an ancient Germanic people, the Swabians who arrived in Italy in 568.


There are thirteen municipalities that make up the Soave, a very large area that extends for about 7,000 hectares located in the eastern part of Verona. An area characterised by a mild climate and with hills made up of volcanic soils rich in fossils.
It is precisely these soils of volcanic origin that give Soave a great minerality and pleasantness that accompanies fruity and floral notes and scents.
The main grape varieties are Garganega and in parts Trebbiano of Soave, both native white grape varieties and Chardonnay.


Soave is certainly among the most well known and exported Italian wines: of the approximately 50 million white bottles produced only 15% remains in Italy, 85% go abroad, in particular 30% to Germany and 24% to Great Britain and 20% to the rest of the world with the US at 8%.


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